BRazilian Jiu Jitsu


The Fundamentals Program is designed to focus on the core techniques that every Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner should know.

With this program, students will be able to improve their overall Jiu-jitsu knowledge, improve their movement and coordination, and receive an introduction to more advanced Jiu-jitsu techniques.

Students are highly encouraged to ask questions in order to improve their individual understanding of the techniques and positions. All students – from white belt to black belt – are encouraged to participate in this program.

Private classes


The Evening Program gives students the opportunity to take their game to the next level through an in-depth exploration of more advanced Brazilian Jiu jitsu techniques and instruction.

Students will also receive an extensive education in modern Jiu jitsu, as well as less common situations that may arise during a match.


The Beginners Program was created to ensure that all new students will begin their Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey with a strong foundation.

The curriculum focuses on introductory techniques from every position, as well as core concepts in Jiu jitsu practice that will aid in the student’s development and progress.

BJJ beginners
No gi class at Temple BJJ


The No-Gi Program is offered for both beginners and advanced of Brazilian Jiu Jitsustudents.

Learn the same modern Jiu jitsu being taught in Gi classes and how to adapt to No-Gi situations.


This program is designed to help students build a strong foundation for basic Brazilian Jiu jitsu techniques and improve their overall understanding of Jiu jitsu practice.

The curriculum includes both beginner and fundamental techniques, as well as coordination drills, interactive games, and exploration of core concepts and ideas in the Jiu jitsu art.

Olavo Abreu


Private lessons of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are available to all Temple members and visitors, and are a great way for more concentrated instruction, tailored to your individual needs and experience.

Students will have the opportunity for more in-depth exploration of techniques and positional study in a more exclusive learning environment.


Whether you’re looking to ease back into working out, are needing some nutrition guidance or are seeking to optimize your current strength training routine – working with a Personal Trainer and/or Nutrition Coach is the smartest way to achieve your goals.

Check out the extremely qualified professionals we have for you to work with here at Temple to supplement your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.

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